What’s in a name? We get a lot of calls from people using very different terminology to ask about the same thing. In the material handling industry, there are many words and terms used for one specific product. In this post, I’ll discuss a few common warehouse terms, what they mean, and their alternative names.

  • Beam: The bar installed into slots in the upright that holds up the pallets.
    • Rail, horizontal, cross member, stick
  • Upright: Two posts and bracing that stand vertically and attach to the beams and the floor.
    • Frame, vertical, standard, column
  • Wire Decks: Pallet supports that sit between the beams, consisting of steel bars and steel wire.
    • Grids, grates, wire racks
  • Bay: A unit of pallet rack that consists of two uprights, and the beams in between.
    • Unit, section
  • Aisle: The space in between rows of pallet rack.
    • Isle (we all wish we were on an isle instead of in an aisle)
  • Column Protector: A product that blocks the upright from getting hit and damaged by forklifts.
    • Post protector, boots, protector, guard

These terms are often interchanged with others when people are explaining what they need, so it is helpful to have a resource to understand what they are talking about. We will continue updating this post when we hear other names that we aren’t familiar with.

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