Whatever your reason for looking at used pallet racks, whether you’re starting a new business or up fitting a new warehouse, used pallet racking systems are a great option for utilizing your warehouse space. The benefits easily outweigh the risks, both financially and in terms of productivity, but also keep in mind that sometimes the best answer for a project is to mix used and new pallet racks together. Here are a few advantages that may help you decide if a used pallet racking system is the answer to your problems.

Used Pallet RackSave Money

Buying previously owned pallet racks will save you money over a brand-new system. In fact, a used pallet rack system will only cost you a fraction of the price of a new one. What you actually pay will depend on a number of things, such as where you buy it, how old the racks are, and their condition. With the money you save on pallet racking, you’ll be able to funnel it into other ways to help grow your business.

Assembly Services

Some of that saved money could be used on hiring professional pallet rack installers to put up the system. Being able to afford professional installers will ensure that the project is done correctly the first time, and it allows your employees to focus on what they do best, run your business. Stein Service & Supply can work to ensure you your warehouse up and running in no time.

Easily Inspected

You might think a used pallet rack wouldn’t need to be inspected, but that’s not accurate. Stein Service & Supply inspects all used pallet racks as we receive the material. You can also inspect them on your end as they’re constructed in your warehouse to ensure quality and safety.

Used Pallet RackRestoration Is Simple

If you don’t want minor imperfections on your used pallet racking, you can simply restore them. You can give them a coat of paint to get them looking nearly brand new. You’re saving money on quality racks, and you can still get the look and color that you want for your warehouse.

Faster Delivery

Buying used pallet racks from local company like Stein Service & Supply means they will reach your location much faster. You will also save money on shipping costs when you buy locally. You’ll have your warehouse set-up quicker and ready for surplus product storage.

Are Pre-Owned Pallet Racks Really the Right Choice for Your Business?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to go with used pallet racks over new ones. Think about what you want out of your business, the capital you have on hand, and how quickly your warehouse needs to be operational.

Is Warehouse Set-up Costs a Factor?

If reducing startup costs is a factor for your business, buying used pallet racks can make a big difference in upfront costs. If money isn’t a priority, you may want to select new equipment that comes with a product warranty. Whether you’re a new business or growing your current operation, saving money now could make a difference to your business later down the road.

Used Pallet RackingIs Equipment Aesthetics Important?

Is it important that your pallet racks look unblemished and pristine? It’s possible to restore used pallet racks to like-new condition, but if you’re looking for perfection, buying new pallet rack might be more ideal. Just remember they won’t stay like-new forever, and you may be dealing with refurbishing them at some point anyway.

Do You Have Time Constraints?

If you need your warehouse racking assembled and ready to go quickly, buying used pallet racks can help you accomplish this. While Stein Service & Supply does stock new materials in standard sizes, we also have a wide variety of used pallet racks on hand that could be exactly what you need.

Do You Have Special Rack Size or Large Immediate Quantity Requirements?

If you have odd-shaped areas or very specific size requirements, you may want to consider new pallet racks that can be customized to fit your space. In addition, you can fill a large warehouse with used rack over a period of time, but it might not be available all at once. The more flexible you are in the size, quantity, and timing of the rack you are requesting, the more likely you will be able to purchase all used material.

Always remember that the choice to purchase new or used pallet rack does not have to be all or nothing. Many of our customers find a good balance of mixing used and new rack to get exactly what they need.

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