We have sold a lot of server cages recently, but they aren’t a very commonly known piece of equipment. I thought it would be a good idea to explain server cages in detail since they are very useful in their niche: server and data storage and security.

Server Cage

Server cages are primarily used in companies that operate data centers or server operations. Some data must be secured for an in-house server system, and the cages can stop access from unauthorized employees. For a data center that deals with server operations for multiple clients, each different client’s separate hardware and equipment is placed in a separate cage. It is much easier to keep track of the different servers in that way, and prevents the unwanted crossover of information.

Server cages control access and maintain security for the various different servers. They keep one company’s data separate from another company’s. In some cases, the data is sensitive, so the cages make sure that only the technician that is associated to that client can access their server, and nobody else’s. The cages use space more economically and allow side by side storage, with heating, cooling, and fire safety systems able to penetrate each different unit.

The cages are made of wire mesh partition panels. There are ceilings available, as well as many different door options, like hinged, sliding, vertical rise, self-closing, and motorized doors. The doors can be equipped with a basic lock, or options like keypads and card readers for increased security.

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