We Design and Install Selective Pallet Rack Systems that Provide High Density Warehouse Storage

Selective Pallet Racking can be configured for a variety of uses and is the most used warehouse storage system. Selective pallet racking systems provide immediate access to every pallet in the system, providing a compromise of product selectivity and storage density. Selective rack also comes with a variety of accessories and options. We hold an inventory of a boltless, hardware-free teardrop design that makes the racking system easy to assemble and rearrange.

Selective Pallet Racking is the most common racking used in warehouses. It has the lowest storage capacity, but it is generally the lowest cost option. Most customers use a one pallet deep system with two racks being placed back to back, with aisles on either side. This allows direct access to all of the pallets being stored.

Benefits of Our In-Stock Selective Pallet Rack

  • Popular teardrop style pallet rack interchanges with many other brands
  • Unique bolted upright allows for easy replacement of damaged components
  • Pallet rack uprights ship fully assembled
  • Safety locks are attached to each beam endplate
  • Welded, roll-formed pallet rack also available with 4-5 week lead time

When you are determining the type of storage your warehouse needs, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself.

  • How much floor space do you have?
  • How high are the ceilings?
  • How many products need to be stored and what size are the products?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • How often will you need to access the pallets?

Characteristics of Selective Pallet Rack

Frames are the vertical elements of the racks. They are rectangular in shape and come in a variety of heights, widths and depths depending on the load being stored and the model of frame being used. A standard frame consists of two posts connected by a series of horizontal and diagonal struts and includes a foot plate welded or bolted to the bottom of each post.

Beams are the horizontal elements of the system. We offer several different sizes and profiles of beams with varying capacities to fit the needs of the customer and the items being stored. Pallets are placed directly on the beams. Special accessories can be added to help support or store specialty loads.

Layout Options

Selective Pallet Rack is arranged in one of two options, single or double deep systems. Single deep is the most common, allowing full access to forklifts, and consists of rack placed in a single row or back to back. This is best if you have a variety of different products. For a large amount of limited products, the double deep system would work best. While it reduces the amount of forklift access points, you can store two pallets deep instead of one.

Selective Pallet Rack Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Lowest cost per square foot of racking
  • Large range of products can be stored
  • Accessibility to all pallets, and easy to adjust the system
  • Generally quick availability because it is the most common


  • Lower storage density due to aisles between the rows of rack
  • Limited storage height
  • Aisles must be large enough for forklifts to maneuver

To meet your warehouse storage needs, we carry a large selection of selective pallet rack.We also offer wire decking, column protectors, row spacers and other pallet rack accessories.Let us be your one-stop material handling equipment provider, contact us today!