Project: Design and installation of hospital staff lockers
Services & Products: Project Managment, Lockers, Installation
Location: North Carolina

With a pending consolidation, a regional hospital was undergoing a 200,000 square foot renovation to combine its services along with another hospital that will soon be closing.  The hospital contracted Stein to design, furnish and install the hospital staff lockers.

The original architectural drawings rarely remain the same on a building project like this.  As the construction progressed, several room design changes were required.  We were not privy to these changes in advance.

Prior to installation, our Solutions Specialist visited the site to ensure the area was ready and to verify all measurements.  At this time it was clear the room design had changed and that the original layout of the lockers would not work.  It was imperative that all of the employee lockers fit in these rooms for the anticipated influx of new staff.  Our specialist measured the locker rooms and re designed the locker placement with the customer’s approval.

With the redesign of the locker layout, additional parts were needed that were not included in the original scope.  With the construction deadline looming, there was no time for the correct parts to be manufactured.  In addition, the hospital requested the area be completed two weeks prior the original deadline. We promptly mobilized a task force of production and installation personnel to fabricate the remaining parts and completed an aesthetically appealing locker room so that the hospital could begin use of the area without delay.