Project: New Warehouse Pallet Rack System
Services & Products: Project Managment, Pallet Rack Installation, Selective Pallet Rack
Location: Greensboro, NC

Over the years, we have worked with this customer to maximize their warehouse storage space.  We’ve redesigned the warehouse space and installed additional pallet rack on several occasions, but they were always limited due to the low ceiling height.

Fortunately, the customer owned additional land at this site, so they decided to build a new 121,000+ square foot warehouse.  Because they were starting from scratch, our Warehouse Solutions Specialist was able to help design the building around the rack in order to eliminate any wasted space.

We first determined the best aisle width based on a narrow application.  Once that was decided, we looked at all the building column spacing options that worked best with the aisles and rack depth.  With that detailed information, the general contractor was able to determine the most cost effective column spacing from a construction design standpoint.

We then provided a warehouse design with several elevation options to determine the most efficient height of the new building based on their pallet loads and storage needs.  Overall, we increased the number of pallets stored by almost 80% with no wasted space.

Once the new pallet rack was installed, we disassembled the old warehouse rack for floor storage.  Some were distributed to their other locations and the remainder was purchased by our company to be sold as used warehouse equipment.