Project: High-Density Storage System for Food Service Provider
Products: Structural Steel Drive-In Rack, Push-Back Rack and Selective Pallet Rack
Location:  Charlotte, NC


A Charlotte based food service provider operates a warehouse with both cooler and freezer units.  Management had concerns about the safety of their existing pallet rack systems due to forklift damage and deterioration in the cold conditions.

Stein undertook a site survey and determined that the existing rack was in poor condition.  The rack system was obsolete and replacement parts could not be ordered. Furthermore, the existing rack system was not designed for the customer’s changing pallet configuration, and the system was not adjustable due to welded connections. In addition, the customer needed a denser storage medium in two of their freezers to maximize total pallet storage.


To address all of the customers concerns, we designed a new pallet rack system for two coolers and two freezers that would maximize their storage capacity while providing system flexibility that could change as their needs changed. We recommended structural steel pallet rack rather than their existing roll-formed rack for added durability and for the open channel design of the upright frames and load beams, which are preferred for most food storage systems as there are no partially closed tubes to trap food particles.

We coordinated the installation with the customer to install the four areas over a 4-week span as to minimize disruption to their shipping and receiving schedule.

Cooler Pallet Rack System Design

Freezer Pallet Rack System Design


The customer now has a storage solution that meets specific needs for each cooler and freezer area. With the different storage mediums (drive-in rack, push-back rack and selective rack), they now have varying combinations of maximum storage density and selectivity based upon the different types of product they store on a daily basis. In addition, the new system was designed for their specific load sizes and product weights, as well as the flexibility to be modified and/or reconfigured as their future storage needs change.

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