Project: Complete project management for time-sensitive warehouse relocation
Services: Project Managment, Warehouse Design, Permitting, Installation, Safety & Repair
Location: Charlotte, NC


A packaging solutions company was relocating into a new 150,000 sq.ft. warehouse in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  The company had independently purchased 220 bays of pallet rack and enlisted Stein to secure permits and to receive and install the storage equipment.  The racking had four different configurations based on material specs (size of pallet, height, and weight). Stein was responsible to provide complete Project Management of the installation and deliver the completed warehouse on schedule.


Stein reviewed the layout design and the material list and found errors in order quantities vs. what was needed for the project.  We were able to revise the order prior to shipment avoiding substantial delays and additional costs.  Upon reviewing the site, Stein’s Project Manager identified fire alarm pull stations that required relocation as they would be blocked by uprights on the pallet rack system, which would have resulted in a fire code violation.

Stein provided the manpower and equipment to unload the material on delivery.  Stein closely checks all deliveries and found a number of shipping errors involving the wrong size, wrong quantity, as well as some damaged product.  Stein immediately notified the manufacturer and made arrangements to have the appropriate replacement items shipped immediately.  This issue, along with other manufacturer delivery delays, was pushing the completion point very close to the project deadline.  However working closely with the manufacturer and the Fire Marshal, Stein was able to secure and promptly install the material and pass inspection to allow the customer to start their operation on time.


Stein’s knowledge and experience found errors in the procurement process and uncovered potential installation issues that avoided additional costs and project delays.  Stein was able to work with the material supplier to resolve product issues and coordinate all aspects of the project to meet the customer’s deadline.  In addition, the Customer avoided having to address these time-consuming and often frustrating issues and instead could concentrate on their business.

This Customer would have benefited greatly from Stein’s Turnkey Warehouse Solutions.  Stein provides value by managing the entire project for a client-specific custom warehouse solution which includes:

  • Project Management
    Stein assumes complete responsibility for the coordination and execution of the construction project.  This includes scheduling and unloading deliveries, professional installation, and final inspection
  • Warehouse Design
    Custom design service based upon customer product storage requirements, customer’s operation and processes and warehouse configuration to insure maximum space utilization
  • Warehouse Permitting
    Stein handles the entire permitting process.
  • Safety and Repair.
    Stein offers training and consultation on warehouse safety as well as inspection and repair services for existing pallet rack systems.
  • Material Procurement
    Selecting the best most cost effective material and creating the precise bill of materials to insure correct delivery to meet required deadline.

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