Project: Improving warehouse storage systems for Electrical Distributor
Products: Pallet rack, cantilever pallet rack, wire chrome shelving, clipper bin units, clipper shelving, clipper ledge units, cabinets
Location: Bennettsville, SC


A South Carolina electrical distribution company was suffering from inefficiency and managing inventory as they outgrew their current facility.   Their existing warehouse storage system lacked organization, and their access to material was difficult.  Cable reels, pipes, and rods were stacked on the floor.  Small parts’ shelving was overflowing and stuffed with deteriorating cardboard boxes for separation and assortment of parts.

The company decided to relocate and contacted Stein Service & Supply with the goal to design their new facility to maximize space, organization, and efficiency.

Old Facility


Stein designed a comprehensive warehouse storage system to organize the variety of products and parts the company supplied.  This included installing:

  • Pallet rack for the large reels that were stacked on the floor and on top of one another giving them easier access and more efficiency.
  • A cable reel rack to get the smaller reels off the floor significantly improving access.
  • Shelving ledge units for added work space.
  • Cantilever rack to provide more storage and easier access to pipes/rods/etc.
  • Clipper bin units for more efficient organization of small items.
  • Cabinets for better organization of and easier access to safety materials.
  • Wire chrome shelving for better organization and easier access for small items.

New Facility


The design has allowed the company to maximize space utilization of their new facility.   Similar and high volume items are strategically stored to reduce picking time and optimize access to inventory.  The company has realized significant improvement in efficiency, organization, productivity, and inventory control.

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