Wall Tie

Some people don’t consider the accessories when it comes to pallet rack storage, but you wouldn’t have a car without headlights, would you? Sure, you don’t need them during the daytime, but what happens when it gets dark? Row spacers and wall ties can be just as important to your storage system as headlights are to cars, and are even required in some cases.

Wall ties are pretty self-explanatory, and are used if you have a single row of pallet racking against a wall, for instance. It connects the structure to the wall, and is often required if the rack is tall.

Pallet Rack Row Spacer

Row spacers are meant to space pallet rack that is placed back to back. They connect upright to upright, and are used for a few different reasons. First, they keep the aisles in line and neat, making your warehouse look more organized. They provide spacing between the two bays of rack so that the pallets don’t damage each other. Lastly, they stabilize the pallet rack. A 12 inch spacer is the most common, which allows for a 3 inch overhang on both sides, and 6 inches in the middle between loads. However, other sizes are used if there are different circumstances, like if there is a column in the way and the rack needs to be further spaced apart to get around it.

Row spacers are required as well if the pallet rack is a certain height. While with shorter rack they aren’t required, most people use them anyway as again, they provide rigidity and stability.

These items will definitely help with your warehouse storage, and have many advantages. Contact us to learn more about pallet racking and warehouse design.