It's Dock Seal Season. Is Your Warehouse Ready?Warehouse operations can become quite challenging during the winter months. As the temperatures plummet, ineffective warehouse procedures along with exterior doors and loading docks that aren’t properly weatherized, can decrease worker morale and result in massive energy loss.

Every dock opening between 8’x8’ and 10’x12’ and bigger is a large hole inside of your facility’s wall. These openings tend to invite many unwanted bugs and pests onto your loading dock, such as mice, insects, and rats and other outdoor elements, including wind and dust. These openings can also cost you money, as expensive cooling and heating energy can seep out of the loading dock.

Contamination and product damage due to the weather, employee safety and comfort, cleanliness and hygiene, air quality, product quality maintenance, and passing routine inspections are concerns with regard to controlling and protecting the environmental conditions of a loading dock. Anything that companies can do to close up any open holes to ensure the environment is protected and controlled can have a positive outcome.

Stein Service & Supply provides dock seals that can be quickly designed and installed. Docks will be tightly sealed and your profits, procedures, products, and people will be secure. Docked trailers with seals installed on them are safer and will keep the extensions of your warehouse climate-controlled.

All About Loading Dock Seals

Dock seals line the edges of loading dock doors to efficiently seal any gaps between the trucks that deliver or carry shipments from or to your facility. It’s ideal for trucks that do not require access in the back, as these seals are made from compression foam that’s covered in vinyl and draped around door openings to form a super-tight seal. Your facility and your employees will stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter, and your shipments will be free from damage during unloading and loading.

Benefits of Dock Seals

Dock seals offer many benefits including the following:

  • They eliminate hazardous weather from entering the loading zone.
  • They protect your facility from the elements.
  • They keep heating and air conditioning at a constant temperature.
  • They reduce cooling and heating costs through the maintenance of the building’s indoor temperature.
  • They protect freight by keeping the entry of pests and insects to a minimum.

Dock seals also seal spaces between the building and a trailer parked outside of the building. They maintain the climate inside and protect freight from becoming damaged. Dock seals are comprised of seal pads that are compressed into the trailer whenever it backs in and rests against the bumpers of the dock to form a gasket seal around three of the trailer’s sides. One of the primary benefits of these enclosures is the energy-efficient seal that is enabled to keep facilities clear of severe weather conditions, rodents and insects, and airborne contaminants.

The standard features of our dock seal are drain vents located on the verticals and the bottom of the head, a wooden back that is pressure-treated, a yellow guide stripe, a 10” projection, and a 22oz vinyl base.

Additional dock seal features such as drop flaps for shorter trucks or taller head pads (18”) are available. For more information about our dock seals, contact us today.