We all know that accessories can completely change your pallet rack system and how it works with your applications. We have previously discussed some common accessories for pallet rack and how they can improve your storage, like pallet supports, pallet stops, and rack protectors. Today, we will go over a few lesser known products to see if they are right for you.

Punch DeckPunch Deck

Punch deck is an alternative to wire decking. It’s used primarily in the furniture industry, where you wouldn’t want to have wire imprints on rugs, mattresses, or other softer surfaces. It is also used in archive storage, to prevent indentation on the bottom of the boxes. It is easier to slide inventory on and off the punch deck, and is good for items with point loads, wheels, and non-even weight distribution. Punch deck still adheres to fire code because of the holes punched in it, and generally has a higher capacity rating than the equivalent wire decking. It is versatile in terms of non-standard sizes being available. However, since it is made with more steel, it is probably going to be a bit more expensive.

Fire BaffleFire Baffle

This is important in warehouses that store very flammable Class 3 and 4 products, like chemicals, aerosols, alcohol, oils, plastics, and foam. It is especially useful in facilities that have sprinklers with low water pressure, or sprinklers without the right heads. It consists of solid corrugated steel that can be placed vertically or horizontally in your pallet rack to prevent fire and/or heat from spreading to different bays. It basically isolates the smoke and fire to keep it where it started.

Flue KeeperFlue Keepers

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is a bar that is connected to the upright to keep the flue space between the upright and the pallet intact. Many fire codes require you to keep the flue space open, and this product would do the trick. It is also easily adjustable if you store different products or pallet sizes.

If you think that any of these pallet rack accessories would be an asset to your warehouse functions, contact us and we can help you decide what will work best.