Warehouse Rack Safety Strap

Since the beginning of time, people with warehouses and pallet rack have been perplexed with how to maintain the flue space in their system. Part of the fire code says that the space must remain clear, and insurance companies require that a system is put into place to keep it open. An easy and inexpensive solution to this age old problem is with rack safety straps, which double as a pallet stop.

Pallet rack safety straps are made of a cargo material. They are very easy to install as they just snap into the upright at each end. They are much more inexpensive than other pallet stop options because they aren’t made of steel and don’t required much installation or any welding. A small section of the strap can be elastic for extra give (like maternity pants) while still stopping the pallet when it reaches the maximum stretching point and before it goes too far. While it won’t catch a falling pallet, it will stop the pallets from encroaching on the flue space in between racks.

You also have the option of placing more than one strap per bay for extra protection, and the straps are bright yellow to act as a visual barrier for forklift operators. Because they aren’t permanently attached to the rack, if you change around the layout of your system, you simply unsnap and reattach it into its new space, making the safety straps extremely convenient.

If you need a product to maintain your flue space that is less expensive and requires little installation, pallet rack safety straps would be ideal. Contact us for more information or a quote.