As the saying goes, “what goes up, must fall down”. That holds true whether at home or at the workplace, which is entirely why any business, all shapes, and sizes, who utilize a warehouse to store their goods need a good safety plan set in place to prevent injuries due to falling items. One such measure is to include a pallet racking system to help employees access (organize, place, & remove) products from warehouse shelves with minimal risk to life and limb.

Still, even if your business has a pallet racking system in place along with compatible pallet rack accessories, a safety system including routine checks & maintenance along with proper training on how to best use pallet racks is essential for optimal efficiency, use, and safety.

Warehouse Racking

Warehouse managers need to have a set of Do’s & Don’ts handy so that they can maximize warehouse space, create an organizational flow, and protect the safety of the employees they are in charge of.

In most warehouse and storage units, products are stored overhead, which means that the law of gravity is in play. Without proper pallet rack accessories and a training on how to operate and use them properly, the chances of stored items falling down on a warehouse worker are increased.

Why Items Fall Off of Pallet Racks

There are multiple reasons why items may fall of a rack. Some of the most prominent of them include the following:

  • Incorrect Stacking (poorly stacked items)
  • Collisions (order picker or forklift, for example, knocks into them)
  • Old/Broken Pallets
  • Seismic Activity
  • Mistakes (any & all kinds)

The reasons may be many, but the solutions to avoid such mishaps are simple and few. Take for instance, pallet rack accessories, which improve both safety and organization by the added space achieved in the overhead area of the warehouse and the minimization of items falling down on employees and operating machinery within the facility due to the extra safety mechanisms (a.k.a. accessories) that can be purchased along with pallet racks.

Accessories for Pallet Racks

Some of the main pallet accessories which help to minimize falling objects include the following:

Load Supports

These accessories are placed under the pallet and help keep heavy loaded shelves from breaking and items from falling over or through the load beams. These supports come in a variety of shapes, sizes, as well as materials and form fit to each specific shelf. The main support units include the following:

  • Crossbars (Drop-in, Roll-in & Snap-in)
  • Welded Wire
  • Spaced Metal Channels
  • Spaced Wood Boards
  • Angles & Plates
  • Metal Decking (Perforated)
  • Solid Wood

Placement Guides
These pallet rack accessories help stop items placed on the racks from falling off from either the sides or back of the rack during the racking process. This is achieved through various safety guards and guides, which are as follows:

  • Side Entry Guides
  • Horizontal Load Stop Beams
  • Vertical Load Stop Columns
  • Load Position Stops

Rack Safety Nets
Great for catching heavy items like big cartons should the stored pallet be bumped or knocked over by personnel or a machine (completely by accident, of course). Another great feature of safety nets is that they can be placed behind the pallet rack to prevent any stored items from being pushed back too far off the rack and falling to the ground or on someone working nearby.

Some other added benefits of rack safety nets include:

  • Flexible Installation (Unlimited Custom Configurations)
  • Ability to Handle Heavy Loads (up to 1,250 lbs)
  • Flexible Placement (Flat or Lining Straight UP at the Back of the Rack)

Wire Mesh Back Panels
These can be used instead of rack safety nets if a more secure safety feature is required. Unlike rack safety nets, wire mesh back panels do not bend or flex to support falling items but instead lock them securely into place so that they never reach the point where they begin to fall off the storage pallet.

There is really no need to get an entirely new pallet rack or warehouse racking system to maximize efficiency and preserve the safety of your warehouse. The accessories listed above can achieve both these goals as well as increase your racking systems’ longevity for many years to come by both strengthening it and protecting it from wear and tear, mistakes, and breakage due to old age.

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