Since pallet rack damage can be detrimental to your business and a serious safety hazard, it’s important that you inspect your rack regularly. Whether you need to repair your pallet rack or replace it depends on the scope of the damage. There are things you need to check when you inspect your system, and adjustments you can make to keep your warehouse working smoothly and safely.Check out our first post on pallet rack repair to learn more about your different repair options.

Pallet Rack Damage Repair

What to inspect regularly:

  • Are the racks level?
  • Is anything rusted or corroded?
  • Are the racks overloaded?
  • Are the uprights bent or damaged?
  • If the column protectors are damaged, replace them and check underneath to see if the rack is still intact.
  • Are the beams still correctly attached with all of the correct hardware?
  • Are the beams bent or damaged?

What are the advantages to repairing your pallet rack vs. replacing it?

  • Pallet Rack DamageOften pallet rack can be repaired without unloading the inventory.
  • It’s less of a disruption to warehouse operations than unloading and installing new parts.
  • If the damage is in the middle of a row it would be easier to repair it instead of unloading the entire row and replacing it.
  • If the damage is all similar and at the same height, you can use the same pallet rack repair kit.
  • If your uprights are very tall, it would be less expensive to repair them than it would be to buy new ones and ship them.

When should you replace your pallet rack?

  • If there is a lot of damage front and back of the rack.
  • If there is a lot of different damage at different places and heights.
  • If your uprights aren’t too tall or custom, it is usually cheaper to replace it.
  • If you are moving to a new facility, it makes more sense to get new rack than to tear down and repair existing pallet rack.

At a minimum, you should inspect your pallet rack annually, but more often than that is better. You should immediately check it if you see signs of visible damage or if there has been a collision or other incident with the uprights or beams.

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