Forklifts are a necessity in most warehouse operations. When you need to train forklift operators or other trainers to maintain the material handling staff at your warehouses, we’re there to provide training at a reasonable cost. Not only will your operators be safer and more conscientious while driving your forklifts, but you will also save money in the long run because of fewer accidents and less destroyed merchandise.

Warehouse Safety - Forklift

Forklift Fundamentals

All forklift training must conform to Regulation 1910.178 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It should also be noted that forklift training is site specific. If one receives training at one job site, that training does not transfer to other job sites because the conditions at other sites, while they may be similar, are not identical. At the very least, the other sites might have forklifts of a different brand than the first job site

Forklift loads should never exceed the load rating of the forklift. Although some manufacturers allow for additional counterweights, for all practical purposes, the loads should be within the original parameters of the forklift. Loads should be centered so that the forklift remains balanced and stable without tipping, which can be disastrous for load, lift, and driver.

We teach other fundamentals, too, such as proper refueling or recharging techniques, which depend on the type of forklift, correct loading dock procedures and operations, and safety inspections.

Our Forklift Training

We teach a combined curriculum of classroom theory and hands-on training so that each prospective driver gets a full education from both sides of the spectrum. We also separate our training into two divisions: the operators and new trainers. The new trainers get both classes so that they can train by demonstration. In all cases, we train both kinds of forklifts: sit-down and stand-up.

Forklift Training Costs

The operators’ class costs $125 per session, and there must be a minimum of five students in the class.

The trainers’ class costs $995 for the first student and $200 per student for any additional students.

The training class includes one kit, and all trainers share that kit for the duration of the training unless you want to purchase additional kits for the class at a rate of $600 per kit.

Certifications last for three years unless the driver or trainer has an accident or “near-miss” accident during that time. Similarly, if a forklift operator routinely drives unsafely or receives a poor evaluation, those can also affect certification. Usually, such events result in a suspension until the operator recertifies.

Classes last at least four hours, depending on class size, rate of information retention, and the like. We begin classes at 8 a.m. to facilitate larger classes during only a single workday. Should you need to have classes on a Saturday, or during after-business hours, for whatever reason, we can do that, too, for an additional fee.

To find out more about how we can help you or to book an appointment or class, contact us today.